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About me


I am Fashion and beauty photographer Irma Gaydans. My team and I provide advertising content creation services. We organize and conduct high-quality photography for a variety of manufacturers of clothing, cosmetics and much more.

How do we work

1) Work in any conditions
It's hard for me to choose between natural and studio light. Despite the fact that I love to shoot with natural light, working with studio light does not cause me any difficulties. In addition, I give workshops on studio lighting and hard light work.
2) Fast, high quality, convenient
Detailed project estimate based on your brief. Signing of the contract and partial prepayment. Development of the concept, approval of references. Search for location and props. Organization of casting models. Selection of clothes and accessories. Coordination of the date and timing of the shooting.
3) Production
The team is formed individually for each project. Work on the site: producer, photographer, videographer, make-up artist, clothing stylist, assistants. The presence of the customer is not required, but always welcome.
4) Postproduction
Selection and approval of material. Photo retouching in accordance with the statement of work. Color correction and video editing. Delivery of material with the signing of the act and payment.


Always open to new inspiring projects!

Gladbeckerstr. 12, 45141 Essen, Germany

+491713615388 [email protected]